Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I find myself somewhat at a loss. I vacillate between hope and fierceness and hopelessness and despair. In the beginning of the month I felt like my goals, ambitious as they were, were actually doable. Now I'm in full on panic mode. I do not want to give my boss the satisfaction of my having failed. And that fires me up; however, I am also so very overwhelmed.

I think what I need to do is just concentrate on one thing at a time. One project, not all four of them. That is the issue. I need to crank stuff out, and the problem has been not only cybercamp but also a sick kid, lack of sleep, doctor's appointments, and the like, and next week are several doctor's appointments, so that's a chunk of stuff not happening next week, or rather I'm losing a lot of time.

I need to focus. I know I can do this.

Also, Magpie turned three. I cannot handle that. At all. She's a spunky wonderful child. But she's a child now. A toddler. A kid. I want her to be my little baby. I don't want three years to have gone by like this. Last summer seems like yesterday. I do not handle the passage of time well at all.