Saturday, May 19, 2012


With the exception of graduation this afternoon, I'm DONE! DONE for the godforsaken spring quarter! Of course I'm not done for the summer yet; I get a nice 10 day reprieve, and then it's back to the grindstone for summer quarter. And there is the matter of the conference paper to finish writing; however, I will go work out and then work on the conference paper at which point I hope to be finished with that before the graduation ceremony--or at least a full draft of it. And then we leave tomorrow morning bright and early. Yippee!

I was done with all the grades but one by 1:30 yesterday.  A little bit later than my goal time I had set for myself; however, I just stayed at school and finished up. It was great. I was so manically giddy at lunch and for the rest of the afternoon. I felt so free! Woo-hoo! And those grades are in a full five days ahead of schedule! Now time for a nice run!

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