Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thank you all for letting me bitch about my boss and our jacked up conversation re: maternity leave.

She is indeed totally obnoxious, a flake, semi-incompetent in her job, and a general P.I.T.A. But after some sleep and finally finishing grading, and perhaps just an overall better sense of wellness and such, and having had to stop in her office a few times this week, here's the deal: she has a memory like Dori in Finding Nemo. Seriously. I realized this on Thursday when I had asked her something, and it occurred to me that probably if I bring the baby in over the summer before she does the winter schedule and let her coo all over it, I could probably get something decent for winter after the fall schedule is taken care of under the guise of needing to be able to get my book order in order so that I can give it to the woman who needs it.

Also, she really likes me. So, as much of an obnoxious P.I.T.A. she is to deal with, I just have to vent about her and then move on. And, well, I have. So I'm good. It's just always frustrating at the time.

Most of the students pleading to meet with me on Thursday didn't show up. So I emailed one back to tell him I could see him, but after his buddy came in (who I told was lucky he didn't email me because I would have told him no, I didn't have time to see him, but he lucked out because a bunch of students didn't come in who said they would), he just decided to drop. Stu 1, who needed to see me about his midterm had told Stu 2 that I needed to see him. Stu 2 was then worried because he couldn't see his grade on-line and had a higher percentage come back as being similar on the site than Stu 1. Without knowing they were friends or to whom Stu 2 was referring, I explained to him the three different reasons something might come back on the site as plagiarized and that the % didn't mean anything on its own. I told him unless I said "I need to see you about this" that he was fine. Apparently, he relayed this info back to Stu 1 who then dropped. Stu 1 still could have passed the class. He just got a zero on the midterm. I suspect what he did was went to Sparknotes to get info (which he shouldn't do anyway) and took a bunch of notes verbatim. And then when he went to write his exam, he used the stuff from his notes and it all came back. But, he didn't come see me, so there. I understand that here, most of the time, that that's what happens. They go on-line, look stuff up, take notes, and then write their stuff off their notes. I warn them on the first day what will happen if they do that, and that they will get a zero for it. But, some have to learn the hard way. Anyway, it's a shame.

Maybe I'm just feeling better because Thursday I bought two new dresses--I am a dress fiend now! I hate pants. All my maternity pants are getting small now, and my friends, I understand why so many of you wear super cute dresses all the time. I don't like skirts. Same problem as the pants. And I always thought that my cousin's GF was so weird for wanting to be in dresses all the time, even in summer; it seems like shorts would be more comfy. Nope. I get it now. I find that even when I have to wear tights or hose I'm infinitely more comfortable than in pants. I did buy some maternity spanx though because when it's hot, I don't like my legs to touch and get sweaty (I know, TMI there--no one wants to hear about the pregnant lady's sweaty thighs), but even that is more comfy than pants. Sweet belly relief. Sweet comfort! I now have seven dresses. One of which is designated my "weekend dress" because it's long and soft and as comfortable as my pajama pants, which are the only pants I like.

I also broke down and finally bought some new workout bras and workout shorts. Up until about last week, I could wear (not terribly comfy, but could wear at least) the stuff I had still. And I tell you what, just trying on the new stuff made me feel better. The shorts I bought are big enough I think at least to get me though May. I hope. If not, then I'll only get one or two more to get through until June if need be. But I think these should do--they're just regular people work out shorts from Target in a large, and even when I tie them, I can pull them out about a foot still, so I have room to grow. And when it gets too hot for pj pants, these will also be perfect for lounging. So I have new clothes now. I will give them a whirl today.

Yesterday I spent an amazingly wonderful morning reading. I got to all but 10 pages of what needed to be read for Tuesday, and then I finished it up yesterday afternoon. That was just wonderful. It made me realize how much I will be able to accomplish then on my TR off next quarter. (I still had to teach yesterday, but it was a fun group extra credit day, and all I do on Fridays is teach. No office hours). I got so much done before 9 am that it was such a great feeling. So I have very high hopes for my productivity level, and I think if I can show that it allows me much productivity, I can argue for that schedule for me from here on out. I have high hopes. And a bunch that needs to get done by mid-April at that.

And now I'm starving. I must go eat. Have a great weekend all!

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  1. I had this dance leotard thing that was like a tank on top and shorts on the bottom but all one piece. Sort of a crazy get up but I wore in under lots of stuff. It didn't have a waist band around my middle, which made it better than shorts but it also handled that thigh issue. Using the bathroom was tricky but I wore the heck out of that stupid thing when I was pregnant.

    I hope the maternity leave thing works out and I'm so glad you're feeling better about it.