Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Well, I am not making the progress I'd hoped to be making at this point. I'm slowly plugging away, but I've got to up my game on all fronts here. I'm just so slow at everything I feel like. And I've been super depressed. Like almost shutting me down during the day depressed. Okay, actually a couple of times last week I just laid in bed all day in the dark and did nothing.

Tomorrow is July 1. That means I have less than two weeks to put together my article and get it sent off before we head out for my sister's wedding. The thought of it makes me want to just lay in bed in the dark, again.

It just feels like my entire life is just one slow process right now. Five weeks ago, everything seemed possible and doable, and now I'm confronted with how little time is left of the summer and how even less time is left if you take into account traveling and family and whatnot.

I guess that means I should make the most use of the time I do have, right?

And I hate to say it, but my sister's wedding is really stressing me out. First of all, as the matron of honor, I got shut out of the shower planning. Supposedly my sister's fiance's sister in law had been trying and trying and trying to get a hold of me and never could (I call bullshit--not one FB message or voicemail or text or email or anything like that), so our sister in law is helping plan, which is disastrous. But whatever. My sister also wants another shower the night before after the party she has planned for the afternoon but doesn't want to do the shower at the party and wants to do the shower later which is going to be a pain for the people traveling because they'll have to get up early because the shower on Friday is at 10 am, and it is not the brunch that was originally planned, so everyone will have to scramble for food before the shower. So I know the old people like the aunts and mothers aren't going to want to come to a shower that starts at 8 pm after a day of traveling and then having to get up early, and those are the people my sister wants to attend. She doesn't want to do it early for that reason and because the other bridesmaid won't be able to make it. But if we do it after the party, I will miss a good portion of it because the guys are staying at the party for a brewery tour, so at some point I'm going to have to point my child to bed and attend to her. Plus, a party, a shower, another shower, a lunch, and then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner between 5 pm Thursday and 8 pm Friday? That's a lot of stuff packed into 27 hours.

Or maybe, per usual, I'm just being an unreasonable bitch. It's just ugh. I'm terrible at planning things. I hate planning parties, even for myself.

Enough with the negativity. Here's something positive--
We're going to become minivan owners! I'm so excited. Fingers crossed we'll be making this wedding trip in a minivan. Woot!

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  1. Virtual hugs! That sounds like an AWFUL lot of stuff, especially when you consider most of the people don't really know each other or normally spend time together, so the potential for drama is ENORMOUS!

    Maybe you can create a small tent by draping a blanket over the seats in the minivan and hide out in it occasionally? With the good kind of chocolate?