Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finally emerging from the sludge.

I am exhausted today. I met all of my goals yesterday except bathing the dog.

My only goal for today, as I have already graded 17 essays, if you count the five for the comp meeting tomorrow, is to just read for an hour tonight. I'm going to try to squeeze an hour in tomorrow, but we'll be at the doctor all day with Magpie for her big allergy tests, and the doctor is an hour away, so we are also going to take care of things we need to while we're there like update my expired mil id, stop at super target, etc. I am tired. And I don't want to grade anymore. 17 is a lot of essays for one day.

Also, another publishing opportunity came my way. It's another book chapter which will help me meet my page requirements; however, it would be nice to have the refereed article as well just for the extra security. But it does at least alleviate some of the pressure knowing that's in the pipeline, which actually relaxes me enough, I think, to be able to stick to the monster timeline I have and finish that work by the end of the year.

I actually would have gotten more grading done had the printer software for my computer not been stupid and slow. It took way longer than it should have. I'm a bit mad about this, but oh well. What I've gotten done isn't too bad in any case. I will say that grading has been much better on this nice big, 25? 27 inch screen. I think 27. It's lovely.

In any case, I'm off to teach my last class of the day. I'm glad I have Fridays off. I'm just totally beat by Thursday afternoon.

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