Friday, October 2, 2015


I'm still feeling somewhat hopeful even if overwhelmed. I'm just having a bad day. Not for any real reason either. I'm grumpy and stressed.

The reading is slow going. And I didn't get anything written at all yesterday, but I did succeed in grading 26 lit analyses yesterday (and they even came yesterday!) so at least those are off my plate and not hanging over my head. It was worth shunning the writing to get those done.

I did get about an hour, maybe 75 minutes of reading done, and I just spent about 30 minutes or so typing out some of the notes I took this morning and afternoon and tried to flesh out those ideas and banged out about another 560 some odd words, so I'm at about 1600ish words since Tuesday? That's not terrible.

I can't think any more because lingering in the back of my brain is the cleaning/decluttering I need to do.

Before you say it can wait, one of the results of the Magpie's allergy test was a severe allergy to dust mites (in addition to wheat and soy, and we're waiting on some tree nut tests), so that means in order to keep her out of the doctor's office, off of antibiotics, and in school (so I don't have to miss work), I've got to ramp up my decluttering timeline a bit. It's the allergic reactions that are suppressing her immune system that leaves her susceptible to everything which is why she's always sick. Anyway, it gives me an excuse at least to do the stuff I need to do because now this makes it harder to keep putting it off. But it also distracts me and makes me mad to think about how much crap I really have and how much of it I don't need and don't use and that it's just cluttering my existence.

But I digress...

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