Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Schedule

Well, I don't think going back to this reading in the morning, working out in the afternoon is going to work for me. At least not while I'm basically trying to detox myself from gluten and dairy as I feel crappy and tired right now.

After like 10 days of working out in the morning and then going back to working out in the afternoon, I have come to miss working out in the morning and being done with it. And I am now willing to get up at 5 am and forgo the coffee in order to get to the work out first thing so that I can get all three workouts in before class. I really think this is the best option for me. And then I can just read in the afternoons while the husband does his homework. It's making me even grumpier NOT to work out in the morning. And this morning I got all three workouts in.  And it felt glorious. I'm still really freaking grumpy today (probably because I know I have all those freshman essays to comment on and I have spent class time thus far blogging rather than confronting the essays), but at least I know that after my meeting today, I don't have to go work out for 90 minutes. I liked that week that I had the weekday afternoons open to get stuff done. Or nap. Nothing wrong with napping. But, I have rediscovered how good it feels to work out first thing. I have reprogrammed myself to need that rather than doing it in the afternoon.

So from tomorrow to next Saturday, the new schedule is as follows:
  • S-Th. Work out first thing in the morning. Really push to get all three workouts in on the days all three are scheduled.
  • Friday is off day.
  • M-Th in the afternoons: 1-2 hours toward reading/writing/research. 
  • Saturday mornings as always: prep work for the week.
I'll report back and let you know how the new schedule works out. 

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  1. Now *I* want a nap.

    Commending you on the excellent schedule you've set up here!