Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stuff to do!!

Um, yeah, so I've accomplished nothing in the way of work this week. Gah! We've been cleaning, shopping, organizing, and most importantly, CrossFitting! Yeah! And watching the games online--we have a Mac Mini and that thing is just so portable we move it to the den and hook it up to the t.v. when we need to watch something on-line.

So I have some awesome things first to report--on Thursday right I did my first unassisted handstand and couldn't do the rope climb. Yesterday I did THREE unassisted handstands, made movement toward a handstand pushup AND made it about 8 feet up the rope! Woo-hoo!

I've got to get some of this stuff around here organized and taken care of today though because I do have work to do (although truth be told right now all I want to do is hang out at the box). So today I've got to do some food prep and finish with the kitchen stuff. I've got to finish moving the DVDs to their new home and get one of the bookcases into the bedroom so I can move the spare desk into the office and temporarily house the microwave stand there until there's room to move it to the guest room to make room for the chest freezer. We've got to get boxes broken down and into the trash for pick up tomorrow and get the clothes for goodwill in the car to bring them tomorrow too (conveniently located near our CF box).

My student who has the incomplete and who complained so loudly with hir father to anyone over me who would listen (and who has received two emails from me reminding hir of what needs to be done, how to submit, etc.) has YET, after all that freaking grief on Monday, to turn hir work in. Apparently contesting hir scholarship isn't really that big of deal now since it's clear it's not my fault that ze can't contest it. But I freaked out on Thursday when the Assistant Dean called me at home after 5 because I thought that it was about this student. Turns out it wasn't. More pretty good news--there's this week long program for H.S. students at the Uni that's funded by a large national grant, and part of that "camp" is that they watch films relevant to the topic of the camp and then have to discuss the films in the context of what they've learned that day. I guess usually someone from the English department is asked to do this (so I don't know why they didn't ask the person who often does it), but anyway, this year, according to the Asst. Dean, I was his first choice/recommendation for this to the program director, and it pays $600 for three nights of work--I give a 5-10 minute intro to the film, watch the film with the kids, and voila, I get $200 per movie for that. Sweet right?! And I get to list it as service for both the university and larger community on my c.v. for tenure. I'm down with that. I would do it just for the money anyway (and I'm in town, and it's not that labor intensive, and we still don't know when the husband starts work, so I'll take whatever extra money I can get still). Anyway, I'm totally down with that.

My goal for this coming week, M-F is to read a book a day (come as close as possible) and write for at least 15 minutes and FINISH that other freaking article. The short one. The one I now haven't looked at for two whole freaking weeks!

With any luck, this is what next week's extreme research schedule will look like--three hours of reading in the morning, 15 minutes of writing, four hours of reading in the afternoon. At least. The husband will either have to read as well or find something else to occupy him. I need next week to jump start some getting work done here. It's mid July; I've accomplished nothing, not even the small article, and time is slipping away. It'll be September before I know it.

I don't want to get stressed out yet, but I'm almost at that point. Today, finish organizing/cleaning and all that jazz!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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