Sunday, December 2, 2012

So Much To Do Today

Ugh, I have so much to do today. And I'm not feeling terribly well at the moment.

We went to a colleague's and her husband's bday party last night. I feel hungover. Don't worry; I'm not. Fortunately, someone brought some non-alcoholic cider (I checked the bottle twice) that looked just like Proseco in the glass, so I was able to keep up the ruse for another week. But, I felt good when I got home last night so I didn't take my evening morning sickness medicine and at 2 am, right on schedule, I woke up sick. Blerg. Now my tummy and my head hurt, and there's so much to do.

Although I'm not a creative writer, which I have a post brewing on that, along with some goals and desires for my life, a couple of my colleagues asked me to be a part of their poetry/fiction group when our friend who didn't get tenure left. I really enjoy this group a lot. I enjoy getting to know them better and reading their work. And it turns out that I am KILLER at titles. That's my talent that I bring the group. Anyway, I had decided that I would tell this particular group yesterday that I was pregnant. I thought that one had already figured it out (I need pseudonyms for these people). I was wrong. She was not the one who figured it out, but Poet Man did! It was actually hilarious. When I told them I was knocked up (because I think it's funny to put it that way as a married person), he nearly fell out of his chair and screamed "I knew it!" and then proceeded to tell me how he had had a discussion with a mutual friend about my recent weight gain (mutual friend already knew and kept his mouth shut to his credit). He said he noticed the other day when I was talking to him that my stomach had gotten huge and couldn't figure out how with all my weight lifting and working out that I had eaten that much over break. I guess writing this down it seems like it might be offensive--why are my male colleagues discussing my body and with their wives no less, but I know them really well, and we and all our spouses are friends, so I found it hilarious rather than weird. Plus, like I said yesterday, it's getting harder and harder to hide. Especially going from washboard to beer gut. I had a nice billowy top to wear to the party last night, and Proseco looking cider to assist with the ruse, but I fear this may be the last of large gatherings in which I'm able to hide my belly around my colleagues. Anyway, they're all going to know sooner or later. I thought I might do something not so subtle like wear the Pregzilla shirt I just order to my birthday party to which many of my colleague friends are invited and let them figure it out that way.

All right, so the point of the post was not about that, although I did find it hilarious really that my weight gain is the subject of conversation because I like being the center of attention. At least they weren't talking about my boobs. Or my butt.

Yesterday I did manage to get a fair amount of clothes put away. And I finally unpacked my suitcase from thanksgiving break. And I did a load of dishes. And I bought new running shoes because I needed something different because of my expanding belly. But the house is still not clean. And neither is one of the other rooms that needs to be clean so I can move the pull up rack out of the den to make room for the tree. I have a TON of reading to do today. And I still have to pay the bills. and go to the grocery. And decorate the house. And go for a run.

What's saving me is that my g'parents are out of town, so we're not compelled to travel today. They have taken my parents and my two aunts on a cruise as part of their Christmas present. So I do have the next two weekends to be able to read and get stuff done. Worse case scenario I have to read and prep for tomorrow's stuff tomorrow morning before class (I don't teach until 11, which is nice in this respect), but I hate doing that unless necessary. And at least I will not be watching football today either. So theoretically, as of right now, I do have time to get things done, but it seems like a lot. I should have moved with more urgency yesterday. Oh well.

So here's the To Do:
  • Novel class reading--uh, yeah, that book, I have discovered is nowhere to be found, so I hope it's in my office.
  • Clean bathroom
  • Pay Bills
  • Get pull-up stand disassembled and put away (hubby's job to disassemble--mine to make room for it)
  • Clean in general
  • Grocery shop
  • Food prep
  • Read for survey class
  • Finish laundry
  • Get tree and Christmas decorations up
  • A small, quick little jog
I don't think this is all possible. Or I don't think the degree of cleaning is going to happen like I want it to. So I guess I should get to it, eh?

ETA: Well, I got a few things done. I guess I have to live with that. I'm ready for class tomorrow and Wednesday. And the tree is finally up, so that's good. 

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